About GMS

In the fall of 1952, Gehmans Mennonite School was begun by an association of Christian parents related to the Mennonite Church. The first year there were two faculty members. Since this beginning year, God has blessed the school with growth in enrollment, staff, and buildings.

The original building erected in 1952 had two class-rooms. Shortly thereafter, a third room was added in the basement. Bulging enrollment necessitated additional classroom space, so in 1969 more property was purchased and four classrooms were added to the original building. In 1975 additional space was obtained through the use of a trailer which was shortly thereafter replaced with a modular building which gave space for two more classrooms.
A constitution was adopted in May 1975 and officially listed the school’s name as Gehmans Mennonite Christian Day School. In 1991 the school name was officially changed to Gehmans Mennonite School without the apostrophe for convenience sake.

In 1979 an additional two acres were added to the school grounds, and a new wing was added to the existing building. This new extension provided two additional classrooms, library, offices and an all purpose room.
In 1986 the original building and first addition were given a major external renovation and face-lift with a new stucco finish.
The school offered grades one through nine until kindergarten was added in 1977. In the spring of 1985 ninth grade was discontinued due to the initiation of Terre Hill Mennonite High School.
In 1988 the all purpose room was converted to two classrooms, an auxiliary room was added to the office and a new 56’x60′ all purpose room was constructed.In 1989 an “L” shaped, one and one-half acre tract of land was purchased to expand the playground area, and in 1991 some excavating and seeding was done to prepare this area for use. This tract is situated to the north and west of the existing property. In 1997 another 0.9 acre tract was added to the north of the property.

We thank God for His blessing in the past and seek His presence in the future.